Architectural Stone Veneer




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"The beauty and permanence of stone has long been regarded as only affordable by the wealthy. The skill and craftsmanship required to install stone masonry took years to develop.  Since the advent of manufactured stone veneering (Faux Stone), the possibility of ownership of great looking stonework is well within the reach of all homeowners. The skill requirement for installation is also possible to all. There are endless possibilities to improve the appearance of your home inside and out. A front entrance can be enhanced with veneer stone, as well as the front step facade. Foundation surfaces can be covered with the look of stone. If your house needs a fireplace, you can install a zero clearance gas unit with veneering stone trim.  Since manufactured thin veneering stone is lightweight, and can be adhered to a wall with out any extra support underneath.  The personnel at Cleary's will be able to instruct you on installation techniques that will make any stone veneering project look real and really great.  We have at any one time, approximately 80,000 square feet of manufactured veneering stone available for your immediate selection.  We will have everything you need in the way of tools & adhesives, so that we will be your one stop source."


John Cleary

Chief Executive Officer