G. Jean Brgant                               John Cleary

               Owner                                    Chief Executive Officer




   Alex                                             Tom

Richmond Yard Manager                               Worker        


John Cleary has a BA in Economics from Siena College, Loudenville, NY, and a BA in Art History

from the University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.  After a very diverse past as an expeditor at GE, a

pharmaceutical representative for GD Searle and the original owner of the Powderhorn Gun Shop,

John founded Cleary Stone during the early 1990's.  He is a self-taught mason who has many years

of experience and he is excited to share his knowledge with customers, both homeowners and

professionals.  As a "stone detective," John can answer some of the most perplexing situations

in our industry.  John has his Commercial Driver's License, does deliveries and operates all of

the equipment at the yard and the excavator at the Emerald Mist quarry in Waitsfiled, Vt.


G Jean Brgant (Jean) is John's wife, joined Cleary Stone in the mid 1990's, after holding

administrative positions in Basic and High School education and medicine.  Jean earned

a BA in Anthropology from the University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.  She brings her

administrative and organizational skills to the Company.  Her knowledge of masonry was

gained when she was a mason tender in the 1980's.  Jean is most comfortable assisting

customers and at the computer.  She is proficient in the forklifts and, when pressed can

also operate the skidsteer.


Alexander Cleary Bergeron,  John and Jean are fortunate to have their Grandson, Alex who joined

them fulltime after he graduated from Essex High School.  He had been working with his "Grandpa

John" and procuring stone since before he started kindergarten.  Alex manages the yard and the

Company depends upon him to deliver products.  He is a rare young man who passed his Commercial

Driver's License at the age of 18.  Along with driving the trucks, Alex is also very competent on all the

equipment to expedite operations in the yard.  In addition to all of this, he is also a very compelling salesman!


Thomas Bergeron is Alex's dad and John and Jean's Son-in-law.  Other than looking good and being awesome

we really don't know what he does...but what a great asset to the Company!!


Cleary Stone traditionally has one or to extra staff to help during the peak time of the season.  Also joining for the

summer are two additional gransons, Finn and Sawyer Cleary.  Finn helps with customers and they both assist on deliveries.